The Power of Promotion…

It is never ideal to open an article with yet another mention of this truly awful pandemic, but it is the effect of this that underpins the message within this piece.
Words Darin Higgs • Date 16th March 2021

Many businesses, due to the pandemic, are now fully embracing the myriad virtues of digital transformation. Surprisingly, some businesses, prior to the pandemic, did not have a significant digital presence or one at all. There is now understandably a considerable shift to digital transformation as businesses realise that when leveraged properly, online platforms offer a considerable boost to potential clients and sales.
The caveat here however, is that digital marketing is not easy. To the uninitiated and those thinking of going it alone, I strongly urge you to reconsider. Digital marketing is vast and the proper implementation of a campaign to boost or launch a new business/product entails seasoned experience and knowledge of the platforms at our modern disposal.
It is beyond the scope of this article to further extoll the virtues of precise and professional branding. It is a given that a strong brand is the foundation to the success of any business etc. It is how, when and where the brand is promoted, that makes the real difference. In the age of digital, we have many platforms to help promote a business, product or service. Some of these platforms, may not be

completely suitable to a particular sector of business, but simply having a presence is better than none.
As an example, a fashion brand will certainly have better engagement on Instagram than on Twitter. An insurance broker will have better engagement through organic search, Twitter and Facebook than Instagram (although the former would certainly be more effective overall). Some platforms will lend themselves better to a particular business. This has to be identified and utilised effectively. Then there are the advertising platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads. Online advertising campaigns need to be fundamentally precise in their set-up, execution and maintenance. These campaigns are immensely data driven and if care and attention is not observed, these can and will be a black hole for any business’s finances.
Utilising cloud data platforms is yet another aspect of digital marketing and the tasks involved. Knowledge is power of course and it is pertinent that data from Analytic platforms is leveraged to the fullest extent. Without data on user behaviour and/or A/B traffic testing, competitor ranking etc, you
are ‘flying blind’ and your campaigns will lack in focus, efficacy and ROI.
With those channels in place and operational, it’s all about content and constant promotion. Considerable thought and planning needs to be put into curating content that will promote your business. Traffic is key, incentives to sign up, discounts, latest news, the list goes on. Get your business out there, in front of people – but the right people.
The rewards for this intensive planning and deployment of strategy will be significant. However, a typical caveat is that these things do take time and it is folly to believe that enquiries and sales will triple in a matter of days. This is rarely the case. Patience is needed as the progress, although it may seem slow, will indeed be significant with constant promotion and nurture.
With all of the above to consider and whilst not exhaustive, this is why it is best to seek out digital marketing experts who are experienced and familiar with the characteristics of the differing platforms and will have the expertise to ensure that maximum efficacy is achieved within any marketing budget. If you need help getting your business noticed online, email us: