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We work with clients across the globe and are a cooperative of very talented, dedicated individuals who specialise in these technical and creative areas. Working with start-up businesses as well as established enterprises, Oliver, Tigwell & Brown are a disciplined digital agency with a proven track record of enabling businesses and individuals to thrive online, as well as forging long-term relationships with all of our clients. Our specialities include most core areas of all modern digital business requirements. This allows for a very broad spectrum of services that enables individuals and businesses to operate online, with having to worry about any of the technicalities. From cloud computing, which can run applications and websites of any size and can be scaled to meet any demands, to pixel-perfect design for creative logos and business stationery with flare. It is all too clear how important a professional digital presence is online today. The internet has transformed our lives and continues to do so each day, with significant advancements in this wonderful technology further enabling us to reach further and expand our businesses and goals. With us, we know just how to get the most leverage out of this life-changing technology.

There is not much point is spending the considerable effort and overall finances, on brand identity and website development, when there are little to zero end-users discovering your potential/products and services.. Our primary speciality is getting your brand noticed, found and engaged with online. Marketing campaigns are the lifeblood of any business seeking to succeed on the world wide web. These need to be done with painstaking attention to detail, just like the website builds themselves. These need to be built with exacting standards and with the content to match!

“Marketing campaigns are the lifeblood of any business seeking to gain exposure and ultimately succeed on the world wide web.”

The most important aspect of what we do, is our relationships with our clients. We truly believe in the power of communication, respect, understanding and friendship. Most of our long-standing clients are now considered very good friends, and we trust that this feeling is mutual. We are human beings after all, not corporate robots. Relationships should be nurtured and that is what we have based our success on over the years. We fully acknowledge that we are dealing with good souls, just like us, who have been through the rigours, trials and tribulations of founding and running a business. We understand and know first-hand of the stresses and strains that come with building and running such a business. Our products and services may differ, but the underpinned meaning of what we do is all the same. We strive for recognition and reverie in the business world. We strive for success and security. There is nothing quite like steering your own ship – it is what makes entrepreneurs and business owners such interesting people. Nothing is ever certain and the internet is an extremely crowded and competitive space, but we do know that with hard work, together with like-minded individuals who are experienced and excellent at what they do, well, then anything is possible.
1. | Our Clients

Select Projects

Below are some hand-picked, summarised case studies of new and long-term clients that we have the utmost privilege of working with. Hopefully these will give you a good idea on the scope and specialities we provided in these real-world scenarios.

BNF Insurance

project criteria: brand strategy, digital marketing, business intelligence, web development

BNF Insurance Services have been clients of ours for just over 10 years. Barry Burns, who is the company founder and owner, has become an incredibly good friend of ours and we are privileged to have BNF on our portfolio. Barry initially contacted us for a professional website to be built. As things progressed, we were tasked with the complete overhaul of the BNF Insurance branding.
The company now has a superbly refined online presence, with modern branding and a fantastic website to showcase. We continue to market the company’s services online on a weekly basis, coupled with regular design projects as the business expands. We look forward to many more years of serving Barry and BNF Insurance.

Swift Garden Rooms

project criteria: brand strategy, digital marketing, business intelligence, web development

Working with the Swift Organisation is a treat indeed. We were tasked with a complete rebuild of their existing website and to ensure they reached front page results for several keyword searches related to their products. Therefore, the project entailed a significant amount of technical expertise and planning to ensure the rebuild did not affect established ranking, but also providing the potential clients with a luxurious, sleek and significantly improved website browsing experience.
We approached the new design to embrace Swift’s new and completely overhauled branding. Upon the successful launch of the new website, we continue to work with Swift Org to achieve excellent SEO results and website engagement.

Antonia Pugh-Thomas

project criteria: brand strategy, digital marketing, business intelligence, web development

The inimitable Antonia Pugh-Thomas. A master couturist and creative tour-de-force that we thoroughly enjoy working with. Antonia wanted a new website and brand presence for Couture Collective, which allows fellow couturists to utilise workspaces available at Antonia’s Fulham Road Studio.
After the successful launch of Couture Collective, Antonia requested that we re-design and develop her personal website. We embraced this with the approach to minimalism, tradition of design and clean sophistication. Antonia wanted the website to reflect her attention to detail, her personality and to welcome her prestigious clients with an ease of use and individuality. We continue to support and manage APT online.

Lesley’s of Gawler

project criteria: e-commerce, digital marketing, business intelligence, web development

An international client who was referred to us by an existing long-term client. Lesley’s of Gawler is a full e-Commerce solution built using WordPress & WooCommerce. One of the longest established ladies clothing retailers in Southern Australia and operational for over 40 years.
The company logo had a simple redesign and the primary focus for the website development was for simplicity and ease of use – a golden rule for any e-Commerce website. The website hosts over 400 exclusive and vast availability of products, with added functionality such as gift vouchers and AfterPay. We continue to manage a full digital marketing campaign for Lesley’s of Gawler.

Jolly Good Tours

project criteria: graphic design, digital marketing, business intelligence, web development

Glyn Jones (London Blue Badge Tour Guide) has been a long-term and much-valued client of ours. Glyn was referred to us by a very close friend and other long-term client. Glyn required a complete redesign of the existing website, to better reflect his vast tour offerings in London and the South.
Again, with careful planning and the ambition to create a new online presence that embraced the fantastic and diverse offerings of the individual tours. We also had to ensure that the navigability of the website was never compromised in any way and as always, accessibility is a top priority in our builds. We also helped to secure the .com domain to further boost the business online.

Mind Resilience

project criteria: brand strategy, digital marketing, business intelligence, web development

Rowanne Mackie MBE. A fabulous client to work with and we are very proud to have a MBE in our midst. Rowanne contacted us to help with rebranding the business and developing a brand new website in tandem. Mind Resilience enables Rowanne to reach a broader client-base and better reflects the specialist skillset that Rowanne possesses. The website holds and offers considerable information, as the particular sector is diverse as it is vast.
We had to ensure that the website was easy to navigate, held pertinent information in bite-size placeholders whilst maintaining a calm, staid professional approach, coupled with carefully selected stock images that reflected Rowanne’s work.

Charles Milnes & Co

project criteria: brand strategy, graphic design, business intelligence, web development

Charles Milnes & Company initially approached us requiring a new website for Social Media Influencers. The brief also required us to provide the website in a core graphical form, with bespoke illustrations to capture the spirit of Social Media Influencers. Upon the successful launch of the SMI website, Charles Milnes requested that we rebuild the charlesmilnes.co.uk website and in a similar graphical/illustrative design.
We also decided to create a website layout that was very unique, had excellent visitor flow and was truly a one-off – something as unique as our client. With the equally successful launch of the website, Charles instructed us to build a new and bespoke website for fastscreen.co.uk covering media and production.

Stratiix Consultancy

project criteria: bespoke design framework, business intelligence, web development

This project required a website that made immediate impact. The brief was also to ensure that information could be properly gleaned from a single page. Thus, a single page style website was built, to effectively display the summarised content.
Carefully selected stock images and textual placeholders needed to be in exactly the right place at any part or position of the viewport. One page websites can be very effective in communicating information in a quick and succinct manner. They do not require a navigation menu but therefore, must not be lengthy or require considerable scrolling. The more important aspect of this style of design is to ensure properly content ordering as the user scrolls through the information.

2. | Our News

The Power of Promotion

It is never ideal to open an article with yet another mention of this truly awful pandemic, but it is the effect of this that underpins the message within this piece.
Many businesses, due to the pandemic, are now fully embracing the myriad virtues of digital transformation. Surprisingly, some businesses, prior to the pandemic, did not have a significant digital presence or one at all. There is now understandably a considerable shift to digital transformation as businesses realise that when leveraged properly,
online platforms offer a considerable boost to potential clients and sales.
The caveat here however, is that digital marketing is not easy. To the uninitiated and those thinking of going it alone, I strongly urge you to reconsider. Digital marketing is vast and the proper implementation of a campaign to boost or launch a new business/product entails seasoned experience and knowledge of the platforms at our modern disposal.
It is beyond the scope of this article…
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